Quality Statement by Chief Executive


Syed Masood Ur Rehman

Chief Executive of True Mark International (pvt) Ltd is committed to the provision of quality program throughout the organization.
The word quality in popular usage means different things to different people.

In fulfilling this commitment to quality the organization will endorse the concept of “total quality management’’. This requires the participation of all members of the organization for the benefit of the organization itself, its members. Its customers and society as a whole.

Total quality management includes quality control and quality assurance as well as the additional concepts of quality policy, quality planning and quality improvement. Quality management suppliers supervisor through he quality system and extends to all parts of the organization.

All employees will be equally responsible for providing quality services within our facilities and on client’s properties.
Best work practices and quality based procedures will be clearly defined in a quality manual for all employees to follow.

Quality can be exercised and controlled through best management practices in combination with active employee involvement. Quality is the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors and employees.

 All management functions will comply with company quality requirements and best practices as they relate to planning, operation, and maintenance of facilities and equipment. All employees will perform their jobs properly in accordance with established quality procedures and best work practices.

I trust that you all will join me in a personal commitment to make quality a way of life.


Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.